Older Adults

Many adults feel that braces are just for kids or only for looks. By simply realigning the teeth, however, adults can clean their teeth more easily and experience less stain buildup. With straight teeth, adults are able to keep their gums healthier, and can even often reverse the threat of periodontal disease.

At Dr. Woehst’s office, we are able to change adult facial profiles by adjusting the teeth and jaws.

By opening deep bites, we can eliminate TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) symptoms like popping and clicking joints, locking jaws, and headaches.

We also work with your general dentist to align the teeth so he or she can do a better job with veneers, bridges, or implants. I’ve had many parents go through treatment after they’ve seen how easy it was for their kids.

Let’s hear what one of my former patients said about her braces:

“BRACES!!! At my age! Yes, and what a difference it makes. Dr. Woehst made my smile beautiful, but more importantly, I can chew and enjoy eating. I had no idea what I had missed for 57 years. I look back at pictures before my braces and wonder why I waited. Dr. Woehst has the skills and techniques to help everyone with any dental problem. Today I smile because Dr. Woehst’s talents smiled on me. If you are wondering or have questions about orthodontic work, call Dr. Woehst today and begin a new way of life with a new smile.”
Susan Meservey

It’s never too late for braces. Anita Kyle, age 82, had lost a lower incisor. Rather than replace this tooth with an implant or bridge, we simply closed the space with six months of braces.

Come in for a complimentary exam and see what we can do to help your smile and self-confidence.

“A smile increases your face value.”